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That’s My Munch

Appeared in So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library
Newsletter of Boca Raton’s Canterbury Place Condominium Association

It’s hard to believe our wonderful luck at Sotheby’s on Wednesday May 2, when we bought by phone Edvard Munch’s celebrated painting “The Scream” for $120 million dollars. What an achievement for the past and current board. Read More

Hi From Camp Dystopia

Appeared in The Cynic Online Magazine
Hi Mom and Dad,

Camp is so fun, so far (only a few weeks, I know). I sure am glad you sent me here cause you caught me reading all those dystopian type books like The Hunger Games and Monsters of Men and said I should see it for myself.

We write real letters here, no texting, no iPhones, no computers, only a piece of charcoal on a stretched out cloth, so I hope you can read this. You won’t be hearing from me that much, but don’t worry. Actually now I’m going to use a crayon that our counselor Joanne gave me when she saw I mushed my finger. Read More

Tips for Syncing Coffee Klatch: Your New Smartphone Application

Appeared in The Cynic Online Magazine
Welcome to Coffee Klatch, the mobile app that puts the smell of brewing coffee right into your car without the hazards of driving around with a hot bubbling cup in your hand.

Once you have synced Coffee Klatch to your Smartphone, you can experience the smell of French Roast or Sumatra or any other of our thirty different coffee blends and even talk to fellow Coffee Klatch members in a total of five cars driving near you. Only $49.99. Think of the money you’ll save and the reduced number of plastic cups in landfills. Read More